Hi, I am Enrico, and I will help you run your Fermi data analysis!


  • Get your results easy and fast by using the enrico command line tools.
  • Results are reproducible, because config files and logs are used.
  • The enrico command line tools are just frontends for functions and classes in the enrico python package, so if you know the Fermi tools and some python it is easy for you to modify things to your needs.
  • A Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been developed to simply the use of the package.

Enrico is based on a configuration file which contains all the setup for your analysis. For each enrico tool, you just have to type

enrico_'tool' Configuration.conf

Quick setup

You need to have the Fermi ScienceTools installed on you machine.

The provided scripts enrico-init.sh will set up enrico for you. Before you need to define few global variables.

export FERMI_DIR=< location of your Fermi software installation >
export FERMI_DATA_DIR=< location of your Fermi weekly and preprocessed data >
# (not mandatory)
source $FERMI_DIR/fermi-init.sh

export ENRICO_DIR=< location of your Enrico software checkout >
source $ENRICO_DIR/enrico-init.sh

Sourcing init_enrico.sh will setup your environment. You can check your installation by typing


For more informations, go to Setup

A simple analysis

After you have done the Setup, running an analysis is as simple as typing these commands:

enrico_config Myconfig.conf <answer a few questions like the position of your target>

It will create an file named Myconfig.conf. Be sure that it contains all your setup. After you should generate an xml file for the sky model :

enrico_xml Myconfig.conf

Now run the likelihood analysis for the full spectrum and data points:

enrico_sed Myconfig.conf

If you like, a light curve or a TS map:

enrico_lc Myconfig.conf
enrico_tsmap Myconfig.conf

Note that if you have a computing cluster at your disposal, these compute-time-intensive tasks can be run in parallel.

Finally at the end you should plot your results using:

enrico_plot_sed Myconfig.conf (plot the SED)
enrico_plot_lc Myconfig.conf (plot the lightcurve)
enrico_plot_tsmap Myconfig.conf (generate a fits file for the TS map)

For more information, see Tutorial

Other tools and tutorials

You can find further examples how to use Enrico in the fermi-hero tutorial given at the IMPRS 2013 summer school on high-energy astrophysics.

Other tools to simplify the use of the Fermi ScienceTools have been collected on this page: Fermi user-contributed tools

Other packages useful for gamma-ray astronomy data analysis in general are Astropy, Gammapy, Gammafit and Gammalib.

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