Acknowledging or citing Enrico

In publications

If you use Enrico for your work / research, we would be grateful if you could include the following acknowledgement:

This research made use of Enrico, a community-developed Python package to simplify Fermi-LAT analysis
(Sanchez & Deil, 2013).

where (Sanchez & Deil, 2013) is a citation to the ICRC 2013 proceeding (ADS).

If you wish and the journal allows it, you can also include a link to .

In presentations

If you present results obtained with Enrico, please consider adding our logo to your slide:

TODO: the logo is not available yet. See .

Enrico Developers

Enrico was initially written by David Sanchez and Christoph Deil in 2011.

Up to date lists of contributors: